ODM/OEM partner that realizes the cunstomers' ideas

Our Business

Our company conducts contracted development and manufacturing for Japan's leading medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and optical equipment manufacturers. In order to respond to our customers' challenges, we leverage the strengths of our integrated production system to contribute to society through manufacturing. We are also actively engaged in the design and manufacture of in-house developed products and custom-made mechatronics products.

image of medical equipment

OEM/ODM of Medical Equipment

We receive orders from medical equipment manufacturers for the design, development, and production of testing and diagnostic equipment.

OEM/ODM of Semiconductor Manufacturing

We receive orders from major semiconductor manufacturing equipment manufacturers to develop and manufacture wafer inspection equipment, semiconductor transport equipment, etc.

image of semiconductor manufacturing
images of original products

In-house Developed Products

We manufacture in-house developed products for the ophthalmology field using advanced optical technology and design expertise. We also develop our own products that contribute to the semiconductor field and production line efficiency.