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Integrating the core and periphery is the basis of production.

By integrating the core and periphery of our operations into a closely-knit online network, Right Group speedily produces and applies feedback to production activities to enhance efficiency.


As the administrative center of Right Group, our headquarters houses management departments for all factories and production operations. They are the core of integrated system development and design prior to setting materials on our production lines. Our R&D Center is also located at the headquarters.

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Sakado Factory

This is the newest factory of Right Group. This is where we make semiconductor manufacturing equipment and semifinished products, units and parts for optical equipment, etc.

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Osato Factory

Outfi tted with the latest equipment and set up for integrated manufacturing, this factory makes semi-finished products, units and parts for optical and medical equipment.

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Aomori Factory

This is our production base in the northern area of the Tohoku region. This is where we train engineers as well.

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China factory (Qingdao Right Co., Ltd.)

This factory was built in 2004 in Qingdao, Shadong Province as an overseas production base of Right Group. They make semi-finished products, units and parts for optical, medical and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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