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Right Group was founded in 1947 as a specialized manufacturer of machinery and parts. We refined our production technology in cooperative projects with leading manufacturers and by the 1970s had developed into a contract mechatronics manufacturer that fuses precision equipment and electronics engineering. Since the 1980s, Japan's hi-tech industrial products have ridden the waves of innovation driven by electronics, precision machinery and IT, leading to increased sales on the global market. In particular, a number of our high valueadded products in the semiconductor, optics and medical equipment fields have been well received by the global market for their innovation. As a company, Right Group has the following features that will allow us to flexibly react to future technological innovations in these fields. We are dedicated to satisfying customers around the world.

  1. ① System integration ability from development and design to finished product
    (Well-rounded for converting implicit knowledge of production engineering into explicit knowledge by applying our know-how of complex technologies)
  2. ② Integrated internal production
    (Process integration by internal process supply chain)
  3. ③ Accumulated experience with precision processing technologies for large precision machinery

Providing valued products on the world stage.

Since the start of the 21st century, Right Group has been making and supplying semiconductor, optical, and medical equipment and semi-finished products, rooted in accumulated and refined experience in mechatronics over 50 years of business history. To gain the trust of industrial users, we are wholeheartedly dedicating efforts and resources to R&D of high precision, high density and high performance products for industrial fields that require mechatronics. We are also pioneering and marketing original brand products. Amidst the trend of optimum production localization that has permeated the global market, Right Group is upgrading manufacturing plants in Japan and developing production via our factory in China, in order to produce and supply products, units and parts that earn the customer's trust in terms of quality, price, delivery and service. Right Group has refined its original technologies as a frontier manufacturer of mechatronic products, units and parts, and made painstaking efforts to become an excellent manufacturer in the global supply chain. And, our entire workforce is united in distinguishing themselves from competitors, adding value to our products, and supporting customers worldwide. Moving forward, environmental protection, life and health maintenance, and energy and food security will emerge increasingly as global issues. Right Group is working hard to address these issues and make a solid contribution to providing solutions by supplying mechatronics technologies and products. Therefore, we ask for your continued support.

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