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Original brand business (listed individually)

Ophthalmic Instruments Righton Series -Best choice-

The Righton Series is Right Group's own brand of ophthalmology and optometry instruments. These products feature high quality and high performance, and, in potential markets for ophthalmic instruments, they are loaded with unique specifications and features unmatched by competitors in order to help improve ophthalmic diagnoses. While the current global trend for development of ophthalmic instruments is for outstanding performance and high quality, Right Group firmly believes that it is the best choice to develop most advanced products of unparalleled specifications and features not only for us but for our global customers. Along these lines, day and night, we are working very hard and diligently to develop, manufacture, and market our brand products.


Semiconductor transfer equipment Rightport

Right Group's original brand, Right Port, is strongly supported by customers as an indispensable piece of equipment for automatically transferring wafers with sizes ranging from 200 mm to large diameters. The precision parts processing technologies and assembly technologies that we have refined since our founding have over the years played a vital role in systems for manufacturing semiconductors and liquid crystal panels that are currently demanded. We have evolved these technologies over time and applied them to developing Right Port. In addition, nitrogen (N2) purge systems, which are suited to the recent miniaturization of semiconductors, can be included. Right Group has a full system for providing development, design, fabrication, installation and servicing centered around Right Port in order to meet the customization requirements of our customers.

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