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This website is run by RIGHT MFG.CO.,LTD (Here after RIGHT MFG). The RIGHT MFG website Privacy Policy is applied when the customer uses the website. RIGHT MFG may in the future revise all or a portion of the website Privacy Policy, confirm the update and use the website accordingly.

RIGHT MFG pays the utmost attention to run the website, however validity and security of website will not guarantee by RIGHT MFG. Website will revise or terminate without prior notice. In the event damages are caused by the any of the events, RIGHT MFG will bear no responsibility.
This website may include a link to sites other than this website. Other Sites that are linked from this Website or establish a link to this Website are managed and operated at the risk under the responsibility of persons who have created Other Sites irrelevantly to the RIGHT MFG. We will not guarantee the content of Other Sites, and will not be held responsible for any damages accompanying such use.
Prohibited Activity
Activities listed below are strictly prohibited.
Officer of the Company, employees, affiliated companies, competitors or other organizations (an)

Libel, Slander, Intimidation Activities

Adverse impact, detriment activities

Damage of credibility activities

Action with illegal or potentially illegal
Contrary to public orders and moral
About Cookies
We use “cookie” to improve and analyze our website. Cookies are small files that are stored on user computer through web browsing. Cookies are included with portion of personal information. User can customize browser setting to disable cookie, but it will affected the browsing experience on some certain situation.
Statistical Tool
Our website will use Google Analytics in order to understanding the access traffic situation. Information that gathered by using this tool will treated as statistical data which use to improve our website.
Privacy Policy Principle
The following actions are prohibited
(1)Strictly prohibited to use other than intended purpose
Personal information which provided by user are only for the scope of purpose.
Information which gathered from inquiry form is used for reply purpose only.
(2)Personal information are strictly prohibited to provide for third parties
Information which provided by user are prohibited to provide for third parties except

Under user agreement

Inquiry topic where needed to go through by distributor or affiliated companies upon our judgment

Disclosure of personal information due to legal instructions

(3) Appropriate management of personal information
Personal information which provided by user will managed appropriately. Losses, abusage, edit of personal information are prevented by implementing security measures.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Use of this Website and interpretations and applications of the Terms of Use shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Additionally, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court has exclusive first instance jurisdiction for all disputes arising regarding this Website.

Osamu Tsunoda
President, Right Mfg. Co., Ltd.