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Integrated Production System

Our scope of Integrated Production System is product development & design, small quantity large variety items production, trial and mass production regardless the size of products for machining and assembling as precision instrument manufacturer. Integrated Production System is applied for ODM, OEM and our original brand product business.


We create final product based on customer’s product concept or image with our supporting key technologies.

iImage of ODM / OEM manufacturing integration Image of ODM / OEM manufacturing integration
Supporting Key Technologies Supporting Key Technologies

Supporting Key Technologies

Mechanical Design

High speed, high precision positioning/ Smooth sliding motion/ Ergonomics/ Wide diameter, high speed reactors/ Compact, lightweight and high speed design/ Low vibration drives/ Large heavy-duty design/ Special jig & tool design and manufacturing.

Mechanical Control

Pulse motor control/ CAN communication/ DC servomotors/ AC servomotors/ Multiple axis synchronized control/ Hydraulic control/ Laser guided positioning/ High precision dispensing/ Low contamination transfer/ Vacuum adsorption/ Dust free, low dust generation/ Constant temperature control.

Optical Design

Optical lens design/ Aberration analysis/ Auto alignment/ Optical focus assist/ Accommodation microfluctuation analysis/ Visual acuity/ 3D modeling/ Medical device regulatory compliance (IEC, MDR, ISO13485, FDA, RoHS, etc.)

Medical Device Total Solution

Medical Device Total Solution is supporting customer from product development, manufacturing, medical device regulatory compliance and global logistics.

Medical Device Total Solution

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