Precision processing of large products

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Precision processing of large products is the driving force of manufacturing.

The business origins of Right Group lie in processing and manufacturing technology; we make "solid quality, precision products." To do this, we have mastered diverse equipment and tools for shaping complicated forms, machining difficult-to-mill materials, processing to a high degree of dimensional accuracy, producing small lots of multiple parts, and handling parts small and large with the utmost care. We are confident of the half-century of know-how we have refined not only with small products processing but also precision processing of large products, and the high level of skill obtained by our production engineers and supporting personnel. Recent years have seen an increase in demand for large-scale precision production equipment, and we can respond to those needs with precision processing of products as large as 4.5 x 8 m in size. We make the best use of this technology in conjunction with leading manufacturers of a wide range of products, i.e., step and repeat exposure systems for making semiconductors, exposure systems for liquid crystal panels, tunnel segments, etc.

Heavy-duty turning machine
33-pallet turning and machining 
5-face precision gantry 
machining center
Heavy-duty pallet-loaded 
machining center
Vertical multiple pallet machining center
Ultrahigh precision grinder