Process Integration

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Advanced process integration built on technological prowess

Right Group uses flexible production processes to make mechatronic products. We have built an internal supply chain both upstream and downstream for handling everything from machining parts to assembling finished products. Therefore, we are able to engineer all production processes and manufacture, all the way through, a wide range variety of products in-house. Using this internal supply chain management, we are always searching for the latest technologies in machining, plastics molding, coating, press-forming and welding to incorporate into our production processes. The built-in quality, cost reductions and shorter delivery times resulting from integrated production are the strengths of a business well-versed in manufacturing̶Right Group.

Manufacturing technologies
  • ・Precision parts processing for state-of-the-art semiconductor and liquid crystal manufacturing equipment
  • ・Assembly of medical equipment
  • ・Cell production line and process design
  • ・Flexible production applications
Machining technologies
  • ・Machining and grinding of finish-to-mill materials and composite materials for  semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • ・Machining of super heat-resistant alloys and titanium alloys for aerospace components
  • ・Machining of tungsten for medical radiation and electron beam shields
  • ・Use of plastics
  • ・Welding
  • ・Precision measurements
  • ・Powder coating and baked finish
  • ・Injection molding
  • ・Gear cutting
  • ・Electric discharge (wire discharge)
Coating*environmentally friendly powder coating