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The best system integration, supported by technology

Amidst the strong trend of Japanese manufacturers to outsource their work, Right Group assigns product development to designers and developers who are very familiar with manufacturing processes and possess vast knowledge of manufacturing, which effectively speeds up development and delivers products to customers that meet QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Service and Support) parameters. In our development structure, departments that oversee manufacturing, quality and administration are cross-functional in order to meet the production needs of society.
Moreover, since mechatronic products are systems unto themselves, it is key to fuse mechanics, electric and electronic circuitry, and software control into development and design. Right Group can internally cover all development and design processes and, because prototyping is also possible, development speed and retrofitted improvements are our strengths. We apply a vast archive of original know-how related to making semi-finished products, units and parts for optical, medical and semiconductor manufacturing equipment into development, design and production aimed at optimizing product attributes and features.

Supporting key technologies

Mechanical design technologies

  • ①Mechanical design High speed, high precision positioning/Highly rigid beds/ Heavy-duty transport/Smooth sliding motion/Ergonomics/ Liquid dispensing in minute quantities/Wide diameter, high speed reactors/Compact, lightweight and high speed design/ Low vibration drives/Large heavy-duty design/Purposespecifi c tool design and manufacture/Diaphragm die design/ Sequence design
  • ②Mechanical control Pulse motor control/CAN communication/DC servomotors/ AC servomotors/Multiple axis synchronized control/Hydraulic control/Laser guided positioning
  • ③Physical design X-ray shielding/X-ray quality adjustments/X-ray transmission/ High precision liquid temperature constancy/Liquid transfer/ High precision dispensing/Low contamination transfer/ Vacuum deposition/Dust reduction and elimination/Air temperature constancy
  • ④Other VA/CD/3D modeling/Standard-compliant design (IEC, drug codes, MDD, RoHS, etc.)

Electrical design technologies Computer-control circuitry design for mechatronics

  • ①Digital circuitry( FPGA and DSP signal processing)
  • ②Analog circuitry Image sensing/High frequency circuitry/Micro-signal detection circuitry/Lithium ion battery charging systems
  • ③Motor control technology
  • ④EMC countermeasures

Software technology Computer-control fi rmware development for mechatronics

  • ①Language Assembler C C++ VB
  • ②Data communications I2C CAN LAN IR
  • ③Motor control
  • ④Sensing
  • ⑤Image processing

Optical design technologies

  • ①Lens design
  • ②Aberration analysis
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