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Integrated Production System to pursue high accuracy and high quality processing and manufacturing

Machining processing technologies are our fundamental technologies to perform our MONOZUKURI. We support our customer’s request of wide field of market for precise, small to large size of parts processing of complicated shape or difficult to process materials and component assembling with our various type of machining facilities including for large size precise processing.

Machining Technologies

Machining Technology Machining Technology

Machining Technology

We utilize various machining equipment for high difficulty machining process. Our specialized skilled engineer operate large size machining center controlled by high level NC program for complicated and precise machining.

Processing Technology

We incorporate advanced technologies in the process of machining, plastic forming, press and welding under internal supply chain management system for customers of semiconductor・LCD manufacturing, & test equipment, medical radiation equipment and aerospace fileds.

Our Machining Technologies
  • Machining and grinding of finish-to-mill materials and composite materials
  • Machining for super heat-resistant alloys and titanium alloys
  • Machining for tungsten alloys and magnesium alloys
  • Plastic molding, processing, bonding
  • Welding
  • Powder and solvent coating, baked finich, low temperature two component painting
  • Gear cutting (internal, external)
  • Electric discharge (wire)
  • Large size precision processing (X=8250:Y=4500:Z=600:W=2350)
Processing Technology
Processing Technology
Assembling・Inspection Assembling・Inspection


We provide production and assembling service to support highly effective manufacturing and reliable inspection. We apply the best production system including cell production system by single engineer, line production system or automated production system, with cleanroom facilities.

Machining・Assembling Facilities

Machining・Assembling Facilities Machining・Assembling Facilities


Double column machining center 16 units (X=1000~8000:Y=800~4100:Z=400~950:W=2350~2650 max. load 2500~20000kg)
Multi axis machine 19 units (X=500~2000:Y=500~1800:Z=450~1400 5-axis, max. processing dia. φ410~φ2000)
Machining center 80 units
Two-head machining 12 units
NC lathe 61 units
Bar material machine 20 units (φ4~φ65)
Surface grinding machine 8 units
Cylindrical grinding machine 3 units
Gear cutting machine 26 units
Wire cutter 2 units
Plasma cutter 1 units
Shot blast 1 units
Welder 22 units (MAG・TIG) Material: Aluminum, Iron, SUS
Robot welder 4 units (MAG・TIG)
Spot welder 2 units
Crank press 5 units 25t~110t
Coordinate measuring machine 10 units (Non-contact type 2 units)
Constant low temperature and humidity bath 1 unit (W2200xD1600xH1500mm)
Painting・costing Water based, oil based, electrostatic coating
Clean room 238m2(Class 7)、338m2(Class8)
CAM 6 units

Our Technologies

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