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This website is managed and maintained by Right Mfg. Co.,Ltd (“Right Mfg”).
Please read carefully the terms below before using this website, and using this website means that you have both read and accept the teams. We may change the terms of use without any notice, please check the latest terms.

Right Mfg exercises due care in ensuring that the information on this website is correct.
However, we make no warranty as to the information’s accuracy validity and safety.
We may change information or stop this website without any prior notice, and also shall not be liable for any damages caused by using information on this website.
This website may contain links to third-party sites. These sites are independently managed and maintained by such third-party corporations or individuals. Please use the linked websites after agreeing to the terms provided by each website.
Right Mfg holds no responsibility for any losses or damages caused by using any website that is linked to our site.
Prohibited Acts
The following acts are strictly prohibited when using this website.
  • Any of the following acts toward Right Group or its affiliated companies, and board members or employees, or other companies (parties) or organizations Acts that are or may slander, slander, and intimidation
    Acts that may cause disadvantage or damage
    Acts that may damage credibility or reputation
  • Acts that are or may criminal or might lead to criminal activities
  • Acts that are or may offensive to public order and morals
This website uses cookies to analyze how people use our website.
Cookies are small files downloaded to your computer.
The collected your personal information includes data which enables to identify you.
You can choose to disable Cookies in your browser. However, if you do disable cookies,
you may not be able to access our website properly or some functions may not work correctly.
Statistical tools
This site uses Google Analytics to measure how people access and interact with our website.
The personal information collected via Google Analytics is processed into non-personally-identifiable information as a statistical data and will be used only for making improvements to our website.
Principles of Privacy Protection
Basic 3 principles of privacy protection. (1) Specify the purpose of use When collecting personal information, we will specify the purpose of use in advance.
Your personal information is used within the specified purpose and not used beyond the scope of the purpose of use that we have specified previously.
We will use your information in Inquiry form to respond to your inquiry.
(2) Non-Disclosure of personal information to any third party We will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties, except the following cases,
  • When you agree to disclose or provide
  • When it is appropriate that our affiliates or distributors answer your inquiry.
  • When we are obliged by the Japanese law.
(3) Strictly controlled personal information We shall take appropriate measures to prevent loss, misuse, tampering and leaking of personal information.
Application Laws and Court of Jurisdiction
Unless otherwise specified, use of this website and application of the Terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
Unless otherwise specified, the initial court trial for any disputes related to this website shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court

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